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12th October 2002 - Sari Club & Paddy's Bar in Kuta.
WARNING - These Bali bombing images are not for children or for people of a nervous disposition.
They said "It could never happen". Now they say "It could never happen again".

Please, do not believe the very same people who told us there could never be a terrorist attack on Bali, who now tell us there could never be another attack on Bali. They are liars without ethics, pride or humanity. It is a fact, the special Australian police forces that operated in Indonesia after the 12th October 2002 Bali Bombing stopped, quote "Another significant event" on the island. The "We want your money, but don't care about your safety" brigade told us before it was safe again. They were / are liars. Do not believe them now.

This page is to remind us all of the terrible human tragedy caused by the October 2002 Bali terrorist attacks on the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar on Jalan Legian in Kuta. For the sake of those that died or were teribly injured, you should think about whether your money will increase the risk for others. And for the sake of your own family, you should think hard about the facts, the truth about safety in Bali. We have kept the horrendous Bali bombing pictures to the last, at the bottom of this page. Please, do not view them if you are under 18 years old and / or of a nervous disposition. We have only used photographs where individuals, we believe, can not be identified (out of courtesy and respect to the deceased's family and friends).

Amrozi, the master bomber in the Bali Bombing
Amrozi - Bali BomberWe would like to remind you of his smiles, seen here after his capture, and the smiles he gave in the court room. We would like to remind you of the thumbs up he gave in the court room when they handed down his death sentence. He has absolutely no remorse for any of the people he murdered or maimed. We would like to remind you of the attitude of the police who arrested and questionned him. How they shook his hand in front of the cameras, the same way an important person is greated. We would like to remind you of the smiles of the police officers, who were very happy at the media attention but clearly uncaring about Amrozi's crimes against humanity. We would also like you to think about the Indonesian court rulings that the law used and rulings to convict Amorizi and his accomplices were illegal. We would like you to ask yourselves why they simply did not apply the old murder law, why they have already acquited members of the terorist gang who admitted involvement in the Bali bombs.

Now for the graphic photos. It is a shame we have to show them, we would rather not. Although we have only picked the photos we believe do not identify a particular victim, they are of real people who should be left to rest in peace. But we truly believe, if they were alive now, they would want these pictures shown to remind people of what happened, and what could very easily happen again. We are sure they would tell you "Please, please, please be careful. Consider if it is safe or right to go to Bali. And if you go, make sure you keep yourself and your family as safe as possible".

Bali Bomb Blast

Bali Terrorist Attack

Please do not become a victim or part of the problem. Read:
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