Police near Candi Dasa

[ Fugly Bali Police ]

Posted by Peter on September 24, 2004 at 3:57 am:

I have been extorted by the same police officers in Candidasa twice.

On the road back to Sanur from Candi Dasa, about 10 minutes out of Candi, there is a double bend in the road. As you clear this, there is a gas station on the right and a police station on the left. The same two police officers are always there stopping foreigners and extorting money from them. They always do the same thing.

They say you were trying to overtake someone without indicating - BS. The first time I was behind a bus which turned right into the gas station (as I pointed out) so I could not have been overtaking them as I would have crashed. But the police officer told me unless I paid them (that time) 50,000 rupiah I would go to court and ruin my vacation. The second time, one week ago, there was nothing in front of me for about 400 yards. Again, the police officer said the same things, but this time demanded 100,000 rupiah!

I am ashamed to say I paid him. I did not take his name, but he is quite fat with a ropund face, sweats like a pig and has really bad breath. He and his skinny sidekick stand in the road with their police car behind them, so there is no point in driving on / past them. If you use this road, get ready to pay 100,000 rupiah toll to the friendly Balinese police officers.


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[ Fugly Bali Police ]