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Posted by Lola on March 15, 2008 at 1:57 am:

i have been told by the gay expat community in batu belig that there is a gay man , american, who is in their circle of friends, that is living in the north or east in a very poor small village, and he is very rich and he is violating the young boys, 11, 12 , years old . he is able to get away with it because he is rich and helps the village.
he has changed his name, he is going by the name emerald. i do not know the last name he is using, but its maybe something like cloud.
the expat people in canggu are aware and they turn a blind eye.
i met emerald at an expats house named gil who lives at the batu belig beach in a bamboo house. i was told afterward by the person who brought me there that emerald was a peadophile.
i havent reported this to the local police because i dont trust them.
please stop this man, he is evil
thank you


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