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[ Fugly Bali Police ]

Posted by Peter Eggers on April 19, 2009 at 11:48 pm:

You're not wrong about the police attempting to put the bite on foreign drivers.

I was stopped 2 times. The first was for allegedly being stopped over the pedestrian crossing at traffic lights (I wasn't). The officer first said that he was issuing a summons which would require me to attend court, or if I preferred I could pay a fine of 200,000 IDR on the spot.
I said I was happy to pay a fine but I would require a receipt. Of course he was unwilling to put anything in writing and eventually, with me declaring that I would have to contact my embassy for clarification, he let me off with a warning.
On the second occasion I was stopped by far more seasoned officers. When I asked for a receipt I was issued a summons for 50,000 IDR then told I would have to travel into Denpasar to pay the fine & return with the receipt within the hour (the officer's name by the way was Wayan Tonton and the "alleged incident" took place at Jl Hang Tuah on April 15th 2009). Fortunately (haha)the officer then told me that for an additional 100,000 IDR he could arrange for a courier to come & collect the fine. I said fine, as long as I also got a receipt for the additional fee for arranging payment. Guess what? No way was he issuing any sort of receipt, so we were at a standoff. I eventually got my hotel manager (the "offence" occurred as I was pulling out of the hotel carpark) to come & see if he could reason with the officer. In the end the hotel issued a receipt (but no duplicate I noticed) and everyone smiled & shook hands.

I noticed that the police never stopped locals. They were far more interested in fleecing the passing tourists even though the local drivers would be driving through red lights & making turns from anywhere they chose as we were standing there watching.

I can say that I will never return to Bali & I will ensure that anyone who cares to listen is informed about the widespread corruption that occurs in Bali.


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[ Fugly Bali Police ]