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[ Fugly Bali Police ]

Posted by McCoy from Taiwan on April 30, 2005 at 6:28 am:

I rided my rented car back from Ubud in the mid night, back to kuta. When I ran into the downtown of Kuta, after a left turn, I stop a while to find if I am on the right way back to hotel. At this moment, came a police car, and I police show a sign to stop me, and told me I couldn't turn in that corner. I can not figure what happened. But I was told cop will stop the foreigner's bike for 50,000 RP. So I have an idea that this cop might do.

This cop tell me, he will put me on court for fine. But I could not sure about if that corner can not be left turn. Besides, the registration shall be return when I return the car. So in this day,I have to rfeturn the car, and leave Bali this afternoon. I don't know if this might c ause delay. So this cop even show a little bite worry about if I am a under-cover anti-curruption agent-cause I was looked like a local people, he questioned about if I can speak Indonesian, he proposed that if I want to fine in that moment to solve the problem. He say he was trying to help me. He ask 100,000RP. And I bargened it back to 50,000RP.
But he said- 100,000 RP minimun for the car... So unwillly I paid 100,000RP.

When the morning comes, I went to the same corner to check if it does can not turn left, I found out everybody turn left there. God damn dirty cop, ruin the good impression with who the other young cop I met on the way to the Ubud.

This really piss me off. When I complain this to neitherland's friends, they told me their cab driver was asked to pay to the cop, everytime they were stop by the cop for have foreign tourists on board.

I think, Bali's government should do some thing. otherwise this will stop tourist to make a second round to Bali. As the saying - killing the chichen for the egg in the belly is not wise.

It was Apr.25.2005 the police man has name with initial "a" and "w" in it---- "a*****w*** *******" . a little bite fat, mid age...

hoppen this will be brocasted worldwide or some body can deal with this...

McCoy from Taiwan


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[ Fugly Bali Police ]