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[ Fugly Bali Police ]

Posted by Andy on August 12, 2006 at 12:22 am:

quick rendition of events on my multiple visits to bali.
dec1989 arrive at airport wait for backpack....which comes out all pulled
apart with all my aftershave, watches, trinkets from thailand & 5000 in
travellers checks (yes, i know that was stupid!) MISSING.
go to police at airport (was 21 at time & alone) who shrug their shoulders
and couldn't even be bothered to get off their chairs.
i had a 5 note and no credit cards but have name of an american friend
called Wally Hammer who ownde "the club" in seminyak.
he starts making phone calls for me. i have a girlfriend in natwest in the
uk sort out my travellers cheques........the bank in bali sends me too and
fro denpasser every day for a week saying i haven't had the "secret code"
Rubbish said my bank....they hold on to your money until they make a bit on
the side with the change in exchange rates.
Needed to gat a insurance statement from police & found out from wally
hammer that the reason they did nothing at the airport was because my first
words were " i have NO MONEY!"
so, now go to police and PAY for report.

get motorbike, go to petrol station and get waived in front of
polite!, until i then see that they did not zero the i pay for
the other guys fuel.

ride bike round corner....get stopped by Fine, but then get
back on bike and ride off....?

times this by 20 never hire a motorbike, EVER

Money Changer on jalan pantai kuta tries to rip ,me off for 200 000rph.
Amazingly i spot it after i leave and go back and actually get my money!

Robber tries to take my watch off at 3.30am poppies 2. i'm sober so i win!

>From 1989 to 2005 i have visited bali....EVERY time something has been
spoilt by some greedy cop.

But i can say that the SRI Kusuma hotel behind dunkin' donuts is the
friendliest place i have ever been, if it was not for them i would of picked
a different destination by now!

Problem is that i am now a tourist who keeps every rupiah firmly in my
pocket and only pay out to business people i have known for some years.

such a shame that there are so many robbing bastards in positions of power.

i would say " they'll learn",but in nearly 20 years they HAVE NOT (nor will


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[ Fugly Bali Police ]