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[ Fugly Bali Police ]

Posted by Sy on January 2, 2008 at 1:13 am:

whilst renting a motorbike in bali over a period of two years i was stopped 6 times the first time i was charged 100,000rph when i told my girlfriend now my wife she said i should only pay 20,000 as the balinese are poor this is usually what they would pay, over the next few stops i paid 20,000 -30,000. finally the last occurance i was stopped and asked to pay 35.000rph i refused , my wife said it was very little for me and i should pay to avoid trouble i still refused and told them to arrest me because i was no longer paying these charges , i explained to him i owned a police officers badge from bali because i had been in trouble before and was already paying the wages of most police in bali , he let me go ,
my balinese uncle is a police officer in denpasar there not all bad but if you are stopped by the police take the jail option because more likely they will not want you to show there corruption .


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[ Fugly Bali Police ]