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Responsible tourism is about doing what is right.
Your responsibilities to your family, fellow travellers and the Balinese.
Do Bali, yourself and travel generally a favour!

If you would like to read our opinions and suggested methods to find what is very good in Bali, please read Bali The Paradise.

Responsible Tourism For Bali (Or rather, why you need to be a responsible tourist when you come to Bali).

Please, responsible tourism actually means something, it is not some overused meaningless phrase used by liberals with nothing better to do with their time. It is about you, and the effect you have on the lives of others, especially the Balinese.

If you take the time and trouble to read the pages of this web site, you will hopefully realize;

1) If you visit Bali. Where you go and what you do affects the conditions and risks for your own family, fellow travellers, and the people of Bali themselves. If you make a selfish decision to either support or ignore the problem makers of Bali, you may well be partly responsible for the suffering of others, and your own.

2) This web site is actually operated by people that love Bali, or at least the good in Bali. There is just, unfortunately, so much bad that we and you need to do something about it.

You may well visit other, maybe many web sites that belittle or even berate Fugly Bali. Chat sites, frequented often by people who will argue with irrelevant logic, based on their need not to be wrong, as to why we should be ignored. People with selfish or commercial interests in Bali. Or people who do not like the idea of having to find another holiday destination from the one they have used for years. But remember, people with a selfish agenda shout the loudest and mostly without any words of true wisdom. And believe it or not, we at Fugly Bali have significant interests in Bali. It is just that we feel the need to report the truth in order to make it better. Not put our heads in the sand and hope the problems get better or even go away; they won't.

Please take a stand against those that abuse the system and the Balinese. If you claim to love the Balinese or want to go to Bali for their culture, then show it. Do something that rewards the businessmen / hoteliers who bring prosperity to Bali without abusing its land or people. Don't let the corrupt police officer that stops your driver get away with extorting money from him (and therefore take food from the plates of your driver's children, or rob them of pencils for school), just because they can. Don't allow the family of Suharto, who killed thousands of Balinese and other Indonesians during his reign of terror benefit today from this blood money.

If you stay in a hotel owned (in part or full) by the Suharto family or one that has been built on "stolen" land / too close to a temple. Of you watch as the police extort money from locals and tourists alike (while police sanctioned vigilantes commit murder) instead of hunting down terrorists and stopping illegal effluence dumping (that cause serious health risks such as typhoid). And if you reward crooked businesses by actually allowing them to get away with it (instead of taking your business to an honest trader). What do you think will happen to Bali?

And it is not just about what happens to Bali, it is about what happens to the Balinese, you, your family and your countrymen. It is worth pointing out that Amrozi, the master Bali bomber, used to be a tour guide on Bali. While his terrorist mastermind boss Hambali used to openly declare his love for America and his hope that he would one day live there. Now ask yourself what went wrong? Whether you are so blind or selfish as to dismiss the role each and everyone of us plays on the people we meet. Think about it. When you act irresponsibly, what will the effect be?

Do the right thing. Choose / act carefully in Bali. Read Bali Paradise (yes, it exists).

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