Fugly Bali
The real victims of helping the fuglies are the poor Balinese
If not for yourself and your family, avoid the fuglies in Bali for the sake of the Balinese.
Something to think about - the missing wealth of Bali.

Take a brief moment to think of all the billions of dollars that pour into Bali each year as a result of their tourism business, and also the millions collected as tax and service charges. Now ask yourself why are children in certain areas of Bali malnourished? Why are the roads, schools and hospitals so under funded? Why is the refuse system so antiquated and over-stretched to the point of being a major health hazard? Bali should be an island of plenty for all, including the Balinese. OK, so some money goes to the Indonesian Archipelago as a whole, but where does the real money go?

From Cradle to Grave, the Balinese are robbed blind.
Due to the lack of role models in government and an effective police force that serves the community, not their pockets, the Balinese have many problems. Their teachers often rob them (by taking food from them and demanding they buy their school books from them at inflated prices). Their neighbours steal from them (during hard times, chickens and worse are routinely stolen for cigarette, etc. money). Their employers steal from them (by not paying them their fair / legal share of the service charge they collect from tourists in their name). Their government steals from them (by grabbing private and public land, and selling it for individual ministers personal gain, and by pocketing taxes, etc.). The police steal from them (big time - the police are probably the biggest crooks in Indonesia).

It is not just theft, but abuse the Balinese have to suffer.
They are virtually ignored in matters of health, they are certainly not taught effective health education. Men abuse women, wholesale, in and out of marriage, e.g. low class youths will insult or even stone girls they want to sleep with but are refused, or sometimes rape them). If you are a Balinese girl and date a foreigner, locals will openly call you a prostitute in the street. And if you are a western woman dating a Balinese man, you too will be declared a prostitute. Many men routinely cheat on their wives with other women, including true prostitutes. Neighbours inflict abuse and even violence against each other as calling the police is not an option. Neighboring islanders simply arrive in Bali, cut down trees on other people's land, build houses and then claim the land as their own. Greedy property developers with the help of corrupt building officials and the mafia police of Bali build where they should not, and destroy Bali's precious heritage.

It is amazing how the Balinese still manage to smile.
But take a close look. Watch many of the Balinese faces when they are not aware you are there or watching. You will see the strain, stress and unhappiness show itself. The Balinese are naturally gracious people, but it is surprising they are able to be under such circumstances. And you will only make their lot worse if you support, consciously or inadvertently, the fuglies in Bali. If you support those that steal from and / or oppress the Balinese, you are guilty of their demise yourself. Plain and simple.

If you visit Bali, you owe the Balinese.
The Balinese, like you, want a better life for themselves and their children. That means having a proper education in a well funded school to help them leave the tourism poverty trap. That means a public health service that serves the people, not the politician's pockets and which simply adds to the Balinese people's problems. Is there any doubt, if you stay at a fugly hotel or allow the nasty corrupt Balinese police to get your money (don't forget, that means money you pay to a hotel, restaurant or driver - if the police take it from them, as they do, they are taking from you) and not do something about it. You are a part of the problem yourself.

Please do not become a victim or part of the problem. Read:
Bali Tourism (Should I go, where, and how do I avoid adding to the problem / putting myself / my family at risk in Bali?).

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